Why Use Our Services

OnStack is a full stack development agency. We create digital experiences for clients ranging from startups, to enterprise companies. Our philosophy is to create killer work, period.

Our tagline is "Handcrafted Software" because we believe software and user experience creation is like honing a piece of artwork down to its bare and perfect minimum. Concise, contextual and beautiful.


Our 18+ years of experience working with successful corporations and startups, in several industries including healthcare, economic resources and economic development is the foundation of what we can offer clients.

Why did we start our agency?

We have been involved in the tech industry for 18+ years, in corporate and startup environments. Being involved in our local tech community, we noticed a trend. High school and college graduates were leaving the area to find employment in STEM jobs.

We discovered while many graduates had Computer Science degrees, they were ill equipped to perform the variety of hard and soft skills needed to be successful in the tech industry. We thought if we could mentor these student prior to graduation, we could provide them with the skill sets they needed to succeed.

We reached out to our local college and university. We are currently mentoring two students from Bakersfield College and one from CSUB.

We provide valuable skills the student would not normally receive from their studies.

We provide our students with relevant coding practices for today’s multifaceted projects, for custom websites, mobile applications and custom software applications, as well as developer and automation tools.

We provide project management skills, support, direction and collaboration between team members, and time management skills.

Scott Burton, CEO and Senior Software Architect

Scott Burton, a senior software engineer who worked for Silicon Valley startups, brings his experience as a Senior Software Architect to the agency. Scott is also the cofounder of Mesh cowork, a local coworking facility.

Scott is fluent in the most current programs for front & back end development. Scott has over 15+ years in the tech industry, as a successful senior software engineer. He brings his invaluable knowledge and experience to the agency.

Debbie Butler, COO / CFO and Project Manager

Debbie Butler brings her entrepreneurial spirit to OnStack. She has been self-employed for the last 3+ years as a business consultant in healthcare and HR.

Debbie brings to the agency her experience in Finance, Healthcare, Travel & Hospitality, Automotive, Construction and Traditional & Digital Media industries. Her roles in corporate and startup environments in management positions include Project Manager, Business & Operations Manager, Sales Manager, Senior Accounting Manager, HR as well as her Computer Science degree. Her experience makes her a valuable partner for the agency.